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The next Colloquium for Teachers of Instrumental Music Methods

will be held at the

Mohican Lodge & Conference Center

Perrysville, OH

May 19-21, 2022


With regret, the IMTE Steering Committee has made the decision to cancel the 2021 Colloquium for Teachers of Instrumental Music Methods that was scheduled to take place at Mohican Lodge & Conference Center. The committee felt that there was a large probability of being unable to safely host a conference in May 2021 given the COVID-19 pandemic. We also realize that travel budgets for conference attendance have shrunk drastically, and in some cases may be non-existent. Given the personal, interactive nature of IMTE Colloquia that includes both formal and informal activities, we also felt that it would be impossible to truly recreate the event in an online environment.

We are tentatively planning for our next colloquium to be held May 19-21, 2022. Please place that date on your calendar and watch for more information in Fall 2021.

In the meantime, use our Facebook group and listserv to ask questions, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions with one another.

IMTE Steering Committee

William Bauer
University of Florida

Colleen Conway
University of Michigan

Robert Gardner
Penn State University

BettyAnne Gottlieb
University of Cincinnati

Dan Isbell
Louisiana State University

Lisa Martin
Bowling Green State University

Ann Porter
University of Cincinnati

Mitchell Robinson
Michigan State University

Ryan Shaw
Michigan State University

Molly Weaver
West Virginia University

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